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“A Passion For His Presence.”

We are honored to connect and have a chance to build relationship with you!  It is our greatest aim to speak and demonstrate the voice of truth to the world through sacrificial love, to walk with and guide those on the quest for meaning and purpose, and to be the “Door of Hope” in the valley of decision or trouble wherever needed.   At our core, we function as a para-church organization; an ARC [Apostolic Resource Center] in operation since February 2009.  But we are also a base mission and growing community of disciples who have picked up our cross and follow Jesus.  We gather to grow through prayer, teaching, and equipping, and we’re sent for establishing churches, ministries, and individuals in their life’s mission.  Our passion is to see the flame of God’s presence burning in the hearts of individuals, families, cities and nations.  It's an incredible journey, and God’s just getting started.  We're glad you're here...let's see what's next!

Who We Are

Laurie L. Boyd is an apostle, the founder and set gift of Dwelling Place Ministries International, founded in 2009 together with key support from her husband, Rick, a pastor/teacher.  She has traveled regionally and internationally, imparting revelation about church government, spiritual order, and leadership team dynamics as revealed through the vision of the Heart of God.  She also serves by delivering key prophecies for regions, while ministering deliverance, healing and purpose to individuals.

Dwelling Place Ministries International is covered by Kingdom Apostolic Network, founded by presiding prelate Bishop Daniel Cunningham.


How We Serve

Multitudes. Nations. Generations. Impacting Together.

We travel bringing the Word of God through apostolic impartation, prophetic revelation, teaching, and worship arts with the purpose and theme of "One Body. One Spirit. Built Together." We believe we are all being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit, so we love collaborating with other ministers at their leadership conferences and other collaborative ministry events, such as joint worship services and revivals!  We're sold out about Christ's mission of equipping the saints for the work of His ministry, so we are primarily called on to release messages about establishing the Kingdom of God in the region through the saints effectively demonstrating the truth, power, and love of Christ. We minister on true church government, spiritual order, and leadership team dynamics as revealed through the vision of the Heart of God in order to impact the seven cultural gateways with the great commission of Christ Jesus. We're also available to minister regarding the Tabernacle of David style worship, and travel with a life size replica of the Tabernacle!

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